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46_17b/2007Inside Cover: An Isolable and Monomeric Phosphorus Radical That Is Resonance-Stabilized by the Vanadium(IV/V) Redox Couple (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 17/2007)

Bulky redox-active metalloligands stabilize the phosphorus radical [.P{N=V[N(Np)Ar]3}2] (Np=neopentyl) to the extent that it exists as a monomer even in the solid state. C. C. Cummins and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 3111 ff. the EPR spectrum of the radical (see picture; P orange, N blue, V yellow), which reveals delocalization of the unpaired electron onto both vanadium centers. Radical bond formation at the phosphorus atom leads to diamagnetic products.

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