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46_18/2007Cover Picture: Prediction of Perception: Probing the hOR17-4 Olfactory Receptor Model with Silicon Analogues of Bourgeonal and Lilial (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 18/2007)

Smell for yourself by rubbing the cover (and smelling your finger): A lily-of-the-valley accord around sila-bourgeonal is appropriate for the merry month of May. The C/Si exchange in lilial and bourgeonal has only a slight, but distinct influence on the odor and threshold, which was predicted in the electronic surface structures (see the Communication by P. Kraft, H. Hatt, R. Tacke, and co-workers on page 3367 ff). The accord was composed by Caroline Gaillardot, with serenolide (musk) and azurone (salty effect).

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