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46_19/2007Cover Picture: Direct Synthesis of Polymer Nanocapsules with a Noncovalently Tailorable Surface (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 19/2007)

Polymer nanocapsules with a highly stable structure and relatively narrow size distribution were obtained without the use of any preorganized structure or template. In their Communication on page 3471 ff., K. Kim and co-workers report that photopolymerization of dithiols and allyloxycucurbit[6]uril spontaneously produces polymer nanocapsules as illustrated in the cover picture. The method appears to be applicable to any monomer with a flat core and multiple polymerizable groups at the periphery.

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Catalytic Carbophilic Activationfor001

In their Review on page 3410 ff., A. Fürstner and P. W. Davies describe platinum and gold π acids as catalyts for the organic syntheses of diverse compounds, including complex natural products.

Energy-Transfer Systemsfor002

S. Höger, J. M. Lupton, and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 3450 ff. a new approach to π-conjugated wires encapsulated within covalently bound shape-persistent macrocycles, which enable light harvesting as well as concentration of excitation energy within the core of the molecule.

Dehydrogenation of Alcoholsfor003

An iridium–nitrogen-radical complex acts as a highly active and selective catalyst for the dehydrogenation of primary alcohols to aldehydes. H. Grützmacher and co-workers describe the efficiency and mechanism of this system in their Communication on page 3567 ff.