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46_21/2007Cover Picture: A Glycosynthase Catalyst for the Synthesis of Flavonoid Glycosides (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 21/2007)

A panoramic library: Multiwell library screening of acceptor structures has allowed the identification of the first examples of glycosynthase enzymes that utilize non-natural substrates. In their Communication on page 3885 ff., G. Davies, B. Davis, and M. Yang show that the novel specificity, activity, and catalytic efficiency of the mutants are comparable with those of natural glycosyltransferases. The cover shows a 360° view of the “multiwell” ceiling of Oxford's Radcliffe Science Library.

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Organometallic Reagentsfor001

The presence of a second metal center profoundly alters the behavior of organometallic reagents. R. E. Mulvey, F. Mongin, M. Uchiyama, and Y. Kondo discuss in their Review on page 3802 ff. the structures and reactivity of dimetallic complexes.

Metal-Oxide-Based Gas Sensorsfor002

In their Review on page 3826 ff., A. Gurlo and R. Riedel approach the mechanism of gas sensing on metal oxide semiconductors by means of in situ and operando methods for studying gas sensors under working conditions.

A DNA Hollidayfor003

The binding of a bis-acridine molecule to a DNA Holliday junction through a noncovalent binding mode is described by C. J. Cardin et al. in the Communication on page 3850 ff. The Holliday junction is a genetic recombination intermediate that may have potential as a therapeutic target.