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46_33/2007Cover Picture: Multiphoton Fabrication (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 33/2007)

Multiphoton fabrication makes possible the creation of arbitrarily complex, three-dimensional structures with feature sizes of 100 nm or less from a range of different materials. In their Review on page 6238 ff., J. T. Fourkas and co-workers discuss the development of the technique since its inception less than a decade ago, as well as materials and methods used, and applications for functional microdevices.

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DNA Nanotechnologyfor001

The replacement of Watson–Crick base pairs with metal complexes is a new concept in nanobiotechnology with a range of potential applications. In their Minireview on page 6226 ff., T. Carell and co-workers recount the results in the development of these metal–base pairs.

Energy Transferfor002

In their Communication on page 6260 ff., A. Ajayaghosh et al. describe the development of a supramolecular light-harvesting antenna by encapsulating small amounts of a π-conjugated oligomer within a self-assembled gel-forming donor scaffold.


A general strategy for synthesizing one-dimensional FePt nanostructures is reported by Y. Hou, S. Sun et al. in their Communication on page 6333 ff. The length of the nanowires/nanorods can be tuned by simply controlling the volume ratio of oleylamine and octadecene in the reaction mixture.