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46_39/2007Cover Picture: Lithiated Carbamates: Chiral Carbenoids for Iterative Homologation of Boranes and Boronic Esters (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 39/2007)

Secondary boranes and boronic esters can be prepared by homologation of boranes and boronic esters using Hoppe-type lithiated carbamates. As described by V. K. Aggarwal and co-workers on pp. 7491 ff., iterative use of this new, broad-ranging methodology allows either enantiomer of either diastereomer to be easily accessed, as depicted in the cover picture. The background photograph “Dusk on Upper Geraldine Lake” was taken in Jasper, Alberta, Canada by Barry Parisien (

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Chiral Cyclopropenesfor001

Chiral cyclopropenes are highly reactive and versatile reagents in organic synthesis. In their Review on page 7364 ff., I. Marek et al. summarize current investigations and how a revival in this area has led to the development of asymmetric syntheses of cyclopropenes and their conversion into complex chiral compounds.


In their Communication on page 7378 ff., A. E. Rowan, J. C. M. van Hest, and co-workers describe how the controlled positioning of glucose oxidase and horseradish peroxidase within polymersomes allows the construction of nanoreactors.

Diradical Intermediatesfor003

H. Ikeda et al. describe in their Communication on page 7396 ff. how annealing a γ-irradiated glassy matrix containing a 2,5-diaryl-1,5-hexadiene gives rise to an intense thermoluminescence that can be assigned to the singlet excited state of the corresponding cyclohexane-1,4-diyl.