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46_47/2007Cover Picture: Interaction between Platinum Complexes and a Methionine Motif Found in Copper Transport Proteins (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47/2007)

The catching of insects .... ‥ by the carnivore sundew plant (cover picture, background) can be considered a model of cisplatin uptake by tumor cells mediated by the copper transporter protein Ctr1. As G. Natile and co-workers describe in the Communication on page 9062 ff., the extracellular methionine-rich motifs of Ctr1, like the sticky tentacles on the sundew's leaves, entangle the platinum moiety and induce formation of an endocytic vesicle, which also resembles the trap cavity formed by the bending of the sundew's tentacles over its prey. The background photo is by Pavel Krasenskyy.

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Chirality Amplificationfor001

E. W. Meijer and A. R. A. Palmans introduce, in their Review on page 8948 ff., systems that can transfer a small enantiomeric excess into approximately enantiomeric purity. Their aim is to provide insight into the mechanism of this amplification of chirality.


Multiple emulsions comprise dispersed droplets that contain smaller droplets. In their Communication on page 8970 ff., L.-Y. Chu, D. A. Weitz, and co-workers use a microfluidic technique to generate controlled “emulsions of emulsions.”

Homogeneous Catalysisfor003

Zwitterionic (C5H5)Ru complexes of phosphate-modified pyridyl ligands are air-, moisture-, and microwave-stable catalysts for Carroll rearrangements of allylic β-ketoesters. J. Lacour et al. describe their use in the Communication on page 8979 ff.