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47_03/2008Cover Picture: Mesostructured Prussian Blue Analogues (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 3/2008)

Mesostructured Prussian blue analogues have been prepared by ligand-assisted templating in formamide. These materials, reported by M. MacLachlan et al. on page 511 ff., contain cyanide-linked metal centers organized around an alkyl pyrazinium template with lamellar, hexagonal, or cubic periodicity. The cover picture shows a synthesis of these compounds against a background painting dating from the early 1800s showing two chemists making Prussian blue, the oldest-known coordination complex. (Graphic by Elizabeth Varty; background image courtesy of Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.)

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J. E. Anthony gives an overview of functionalized acenes in the Review on page 452 ff. with a focus on their synthesis and application as semiconductors in organic electronic components.

Metalate Complexesfor002

In their Communication on page 484 ff., J. E. Ellis and V. J. Sussman describe the characterization of [Nb(η4-C4H6)3] and the tantalum analogue [Ta(η4-C4H6)3], the first homoleptic butadiene metalates of 4d and 5d metals.

Metal Hydridesfor003

Y. Filinchuk et al. describe in their Communication on page 529 ff. the high-pressure modification of LiBH4, in which the BH4 groups are coordinated in a square-planar geometry by four Li atoms. This structure exhibits extremely short H···H contacts between neighboring BH4 anions.