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47_13/2008Cover Picture: A FRET-Based Fluorogenic Phosphine for Live-Cell Imaging with the Staudinger Ligation (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 13/2008)

The Staudinger ligation ... provides a nontoxic method to label azide-bearing biomolecules in live cells and organisms. M. J. Hangauer and C. R. Bertozzi report in their Communication on page 2394 ff. a FRET-based fluorogenic phosphine capable of direct live-cell fluorescent labeling of azido biomolecules with minimal background fluorescence. The cover picture depicts live HeLa cells displaying azido sialic acid labeled by the fluorogenic phosphine.

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Salen Frameworksfor001

In their Minireview on page 2354 ff. A. W. Kleij and S. J. Wezenberg discuss the increasing use of salen moieties in hybrid materials and catalysts. The versatility of salens can give rise to new supramolecular properties.


B. M. Stoltz and co-workers describe in their Review on page 2365 ff. the zoanthamines, a class of natural products. These marine alkaloids were isolated over 20 years ago from common soft corals.

Macroporous Single Crystalsfor003

By using a colloidal crystal as a template, amorphous calcium carbonate can be transformed into a dendritic 3D ordered macroporous single crystal, as described by L. Qi and C. Li in the Communication on page 2387 ff.