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47_18/2008Cover Picture: Influence of Amino Acid Side Chains on Long-Distance Electron Transfer in Peptides: Electron Hopping via “Stepping Stones” (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 18/2008)

Relay amino acids forward electrons through peptides, as described by B. Giese and co-workers in their Communication on page 3461 ff. The cover picture shows a baton change in a relay race, which symbolizes electron transfer from one peptide sequence to the next via a relay amino acid. The olympic rings reflect the five participating sequences in the peptide molecule. Such an “electron relay” can explain long-distance electron transfer through enzymes.

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The invention of the first synthetic plastic—Bakelite—just over 100 years ago by Leo Baekeland heralded the beginning of the plastics age. The history of the material and the inventor are described by D. Crespy et al. in their Essay on page 3322 ff.


Fireworks and other civil and military pyrotechnic devices generate considerable environmental pollution. T. M. Klapötke and G. Steinhauser discuss this problem and present “green” solutions to it in their Review on page 3330 ff.

Biomimetic Synthesisfor003

In their Communication on page 3348 ff, M. Amat, J. Bosch et al. present the enantioselective synthesis of the alkaloid cis-195 A from a 1,5-polyketide and (R)-phenylglycinol, thus providing support for the biosynthetic route to decahydroquinolines.