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47_23b/2008Inside Cover: Supramolecular Metal Oxides: Programmed Hierarchical Assembly of a Protein-Sized 21 kDa [(C16H36N)19{H2NC(CH2O)3P2V3W15O59}4]5− Polyoxometalate Assembly (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 23/2008)

The direct correlation between gas-phase and solid-state supramolecular structures of massive protein-sized polyoxometalate clusters (ca. 21 kDa) has been probed using cryospray mass spectrometry. In their Communication on page 4388 ff., L. Cronin et al. show that such clusters can be crystallized into the solid state, and their macromolecular structure controlled, thus allowing the stability of many different building blocks to be investigated.

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