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47_29/2008Cover Picture: A Reducing and Oxidizing System Minimizes Photobleaching and Blinking of Fluorescent Dyes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 29/2008)

Fluorescent dyes commonly suffer from photobleaching and blinking. In their Communication on page 5465 ff., P. Tinnefeld et al. describe how reactive intermediates such as triplet and charge-separated states can be recovered by electron-transfer reactions by using a formula that contains reducing as well as oxidizing agents. Drastic improvement of the dye properties is evident in single-molecule spectroscopy.

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M. Niederberger and N. Pinna show in their Minireview on page 5292 ff. how uniform metal oxide nanostructures can be prepared under exclusion of water and in the absence of surfactants.

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The function and sustainability of living cells depend fundamentally on size constraints. Why the evolution of nanometer-sized cell components is critical for the emergence of cellular life is described by S. Mann in his Review on page 5306 ff.

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In their Communication on page 5322 ff., M. E. van der Boom and T. Gupta present redox-active monolayers of osmium and ruthenium complexes on glass substrates. These monolayers, which take chemical input signals and give an optical and a chemical output, act as versatile logic gates.