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47_38/2008Cover Picture: The Continuing Saga of the Marine Polyether Biotoxins (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 38/2008)

An odyssey is described by K. C. Nicolaou et al. in their Review on page 7182 ff.: From the isolation of the first marine biotoxin with a ladder structure, brevetoxin B, in 1981 to the synthesis of maitotoxin molecule domains. Pictured is the dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus (small circle; courtesy of Steve L. Morton, NOAA), a unicellular marine organism producing maitotoxin, the largest and most toxic, non-proteomic secondary metabolite isolated to date. The surgeonfish (moodboard/Corbis) serves as a carrier of this neurotoxin to humans through the food chain causing ciguatera poisoning.

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B. Kaptein et al. show in their Communication on page 7226 ff. that small enantiomeric excesses can be amplified by grinding solid enantiomeric mixtures of a phenylalanine derivative in near-equilibrium with a saturated solution in which racemization takes place.

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In their Appeal on page 7164 ff. R. Hoffmann, P. von R. Schleyer, and H. F. Schaefer III examine the terminology used to describe hypothetical molecules predicted by using computational methods.

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Criteria such as reliability and predictive validity were used to assess the peer review process at Angewandte Chemie. The results of the study by L. Bornmann and H.-D. Daniel are reported in their Essay on page 7173 ff., and include a comparison to a similar study which was done in the mid-1980's.