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47_41/2008Cover Picture: Toward Functional Clathrasils: Size- and Composition-Controlled Octadecasil Nanocrystals by Desilication (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 41/2008)

Like sucking and chewing sweets the action of sodium hydroxide leads to clathrasil nanocrystals by selective silicon dissolution. In the Communication on page 7913 ff., Pérez-Ramírez et al. show that the size, porosity, and composition of octadecasil crystals can be tuned by adjusting the alkaline conditions. This top-down approach could lead to functional clathrasils, opening a new window for research on this type of materials both in terms of post-synthesis modification and application in catalysis.

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Modern touch sensors can detect texture with a similar resolution as a human finger. R. Saraf and V. Maheshwari describe the current status of this research field in their Review on page 7808 ff.

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Polar direct-gap semiconductors Li1−xNaxAsS2 (x=0–1) are strong second harmonic generators and display an anomalous band-gap trend. These features are investigated by M. G. Kanatzidis et al. in the Communication on page 7828 ff.

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The lattice parameters of parent TiO2 nanotubes are enlarged by doping with niobium. As described by P. Schmuki and co-workers in the Communication on page 7934 ff., this doping enables the intercalation of alkali-metal cations.