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47_46/2008Cover Picture: Cryo Electron Tomography Reveals Confined Complex Morphologies of Tripeptide-Containing Amphiphilic Double-Comb Diblock Copolymers (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 46/2008)

The anatomy of a copolymer is presented by N. A. J. M. Sommerdijk et al. in their Communication on page 8859 ff. The amphiphilic double-comb diblock polymer with oligo(ethylene oxide) and peptide chains aggregates to form complex shapes in aqueous solution. From cryo electron tomograms, 3D volumes were reconstructed (shown as a set of slices). Further visualization highlights branches and loops in a folded wormlike micelle (purple) and the channel structure inside a bicontinuous morphology (yellow).

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K. Faber, R. J. Kazlauskas, and co-workers describe in their Minireview on p. 8782 ff. enantiocomplementary enzymes: enzyme pairs in which each enzyme transforms the opposite enantiomer of a substrate preferentially in the same reaction.

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In the Review on page 8794 ff., R. W. Saalfrank and co-workers describe how serendipitous discoveries and rational design lead to strategies for the construction of diverse nanostructures with specific form and size.

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The formation of a mesoporous covalent organic framework is reported by D. Jiang et al. in their Communication on page 8826 ff. The blue-luminescent framework, which has a beltlike morphology, is also semiconducting.