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48_08/2009Cover Picture: A Spin-Crossover Cluster of Iron(II) Exhibiting a Mixed-Spin Structure and Synergy between Spin Transition and Magnetic Interaction (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 8/2009)

A spin-crossover cluster with the {FeII4O4} core structure is presented by D. Y. Wu, O. Sato et al. in their Communication on page 1475 ff. The cluster is synthesized by self-assembly and shows an abrupt spin transition, giving two high-spin and two low-spin states. It exhibits complete light-induced excited spin-state trapping effects. Importantly, synergy effects between the magnetic interaction and spin transition operate in the cluster.

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Phosphorus–Selenium Heterocyclesfor001

In the Minireview on page 1368 ff., J. D. Woollins and G. Hua describe a P–Se heterocycle that can transform a variety of different organic substrates into heterocyclic products. The “Woollins' reagent” is a homologue of the Lawesson reagent.

RNA Interferencefor002

The posttranscriptional inhibition of the expression of homologous genes by double-stranded RNA molecules (RNA interference) is a standard method in molecular biology. J. Kurreck gives, in his Review on page 1378 ff., an overview of the underlying basic cellular processes.

Natural Products Synthesisfor003

In a highly diastereoselective synthesis of the ABC rings of (−)-norzoanthamine the three asymmetric quaternary carbon centers on the C ring are constructed by a 1,4-addition. S. Kobayashi et al. discuss the synthesis in their Communication on page 1400 ff.