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48_12/2009Cover Picture: Dicationic Sulfur Analogues of N-Heterocyclic Silylenes and Phosphenium Cations (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 12/2009)

Highly reactive electrophilic compounds centered around multicationic main-group elements are notoriously difficult to isolate. In the Communication on page 2210 ff., P. J. Ragogna and co-workers describe the synthesis and characterization of salts of sulfur(II) dications stabilized by two chelating nitrogen atoms. These species are the first sulfur-based analogues of N-heterocyclic silylene compounds and are the most recent addition to the family of compounds featuring divalent p-block elements. Mitch Zimmer is acknowledged for the cover design.

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Also of Interest

Synthetic Methodsfor001

D. Tejedor, F. García-Tellado and co-workers show in their Minireview on page 2090 ff. what is possible with C3 homologation with alkyl propiolates. A central theme is multicompontent reactions, in which the versatile reactivity of the propiolates is used to form complex products.

Enantioselective Catalysisfor002

In the past few decades enantioselective catalysis has made its mark on synthetic organic chemistry. A particular aspect of this field, namely the generation and application of superacidic chiral oxazaborolidinium ions, is covered in the Review by E. J. Corey on page 2100 ff.

Amyloid Fibrilsfor003

In their communication on page 2118 ff., N. C. Nielsen and co-workers describe the fibril structure of a fragment of the human islet amyloid polypeptide and the determination of its organization by solid-state NMR spectroscopy.