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48_24b/2009Inside Cover: Thiostannate Tin–Tin Bond Formation in Solution: In Situ Generation of the Mixed-Valent, Functionalized Complex [{(RSnIV)2(μ-S)2}3SnIII2S6] (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 24/2009)

A mixed-valent thiostannate complex with a Sn-Sn bond, [{(RSnIV)2(μ-S)2}3SnIII2S6] (R=CMe2CH2COMe), crystallizes upon condensation of the dissolved double-decker thiostannate [(RSn)4S6] in daylight, as S. Dehnen et al. describe in their Communication on page 4441 ff. Mössbauer spectra and DFT calculations confirm that the mixed-valence complex formally contains SnIII and SnIV atoms. Both compounds have terminal carbonyl groups, which can be used for further reactions at the ligand shell for the targeted synthesis of complex hybrid compounds.

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