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48_26/2009Cover Picture: On the Function and Structure of Synthetically Modified Porins (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 26/2009)

Synthetic Modulators are introduced into the trimeric porin OmpF by protein semisynthesis/click chemistry or by S-alkylation, as U. Koert, L.-O. Essen et al. report in their Communication on page 4853 ff. The choice of synthetic modulator and the type of covalent attachment significantly affect the blockage efficiency. A model for the functional properties is postulated on the basis of an X-ray structure analysis of a crown ether/OmpF hybrid.

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Also of Interest

Polyketide Biosynthesisfor001

Simple acetic acid forms the basis for one of the largest natural product classes—the polyketides. C. Hertweck discusses in the Review on page 4688 ff. how (bio)chemical and genetic studies have provided information on the biosynthetic programming that generates the structural diversity of polyketides.

Enzyme Inhibitorsfor002

M. R. Ghadiri and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 4718 ff. how the binding affinity of distinct peptide conformations can be probed using analogues of apicidin with a triazole in place of a backbone amide bond.

Monomeric Phosphazenesfor003

In their Communication on page 4828 ff., H. Willner et al. report how monomeric phosphazene F2PN was prepared for the first time through irradiation of F2PN3 in an argon matrix with an ArF excimer laser.