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48_40/2009Cover Picture: Two-Dimensional Crystal Engineering: A Four-Component Architecture at a Liquid–Solid Interface (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 40/2009)

Four components self-assemble to form a supramolecular pattern physisorbed on atomically flat graphite, as described by S. De Feyter et al. in their Communication on page 7353 ff. Mixing fixed amounts of the four components in a common solvent and subsequent dropcasting leads to the exclusive formation of Kagomé lattices that are filled by site-specific template molecules, as revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy at the liquid–solid interface.

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Networks on Surfacesfor001

The self-assembly of molecules on surfaces usually leads to two-dimensional crystalline monolayers. In their Review on page 7298 ff., S. De Feyter et al. consider structural aspects of the self-assembly, particularly chirality, porosity, and reactivity.


When aptamers coupled to carbon nanotubes bind to living bacteria, an electrical signal is quickly generated and transduced, even for low levels of bacteria. F. X. Rius et al. describe this potentiometric sensor in their Communication on page 7334 ff.

Silicon Nanowiresfor003

M.-H. Jo et al. describe in their Communication on page 7366 ff. a simple and robust mechanism to coherently direct nanowire growth directions during conventional vapor–liquid–solid growth.