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49_11/2010Cover Picture: Dynamers at the Solid–Liquid Interface: Controlling the Reversible Assembly/Reassembly Process between Two Highly Ordered Supramolecular Guanine Motifs (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 11/2010)

Dynamers in action can be observed with responsive supramolecular architectures on surfaces. In their Communication on page 1963 ff., G. P. Spada, P. Samorì, and co-workers report how scanning tunneling microscopy was used to achieve submolecular-scale visualization of the metal-templated reversible assembly/reassembly process of N9-alkylguanine monolayers. Changes in pH switch the resulting structures from highly ordered quartets to ribbons.

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Peptides in Nanostructure Synthesisfor001

Peptides are ideal agents to direct the formation and aggregation of inorganic nanostructures because of their molecular recognition and self-assembly capabilities. The current status of the research is summarized by N. L. Rosi and C.-L. Chen in their Review on page 1924 ff.

Surface Chemistryfor002

The theoretical modeling of the first activation stages of a Cu complex on top of a heated surface is reported by G. Tabacchi and co-workers in their Communication on page 1944 ff. Both slow diffusion and a fast motion were shown to occur during the activation.

NHC-Stabilized Borole Anionsfor003

A π-nucleophilic boron atom, which is a rare example in the chemistry of boryl anions, is a characteristic feature of the boracycles described by H. Braunschweig et al. in their Communication on page 2041 ff.