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49_15/2010Cover Picture: 1H DOSY Spectra of Ligands for Highly Enantioselective Reactions—A Fast and Simple NMR Method to Optimize Catalytic Reaction Conditions (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 15/2010)

A fast and easy DOSY screening of ligands that affords high enantioselectivities in catalysis allows the aggregation trends of their transition-metal complexes to be predicted. In their Communication on page 2794 ff., R. Gschwind and co-workers present the first aggregation study of selected phosphoramidites and their complexes. This method is useful for catalyst optimization as no knowledge of the complex structure is necessary and the temperature range applicable to the desired catalytic reaction can be quickly determined.

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The sulfone moiety plays an important role in the field of organocatalysis. In their Minireview on page 2668 ff. K. A. Jørgensen and co-workers discuss the use of the sulfone-containing substrates as either electrophilic or nucleophilic partners in organocatalytic reactions.

Protein and Metabolite Profilingfor002

Novel methods in proteomics can be used to identify the cellular targets of natural products, and they also enable the global characterization of enzyme–metabolite pairs. The current status of research in this area is summarized in the Review by S. A. Sieber et al. on pp. 2680 ff.

Nanoparticle Assemblyfor003

Yan, Liu, and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 2700 ff. the use of DNA nanostructures as templates for the organization of silver and gold nanoparticles into discrete architectures.