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49_22/2010Cover Picture: Which Is the Actual Catalyst: Chiral Phosphoric Acid or Chiral Calcium Phosphate? (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 22/2010)

Both are active, the chiral phosphoric acid and the chiral calcium phosphate. K. Ishihara and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 3823 ff. a highly enantioselective direct Mannich-type reaction of aldimines with a wide range of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds. The catalyst, a chiral phosphoric acid, is used in the presence or absence of CaII. The absolute stereoselectivity of the products without CaII is the opposite of that obtained with the calcium phosphate catalyst.

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D. H. Solomon and E. L. Prime discuss in their Essay on p. 3726 ff. the problems that had to be solved on the way to producing the world's first plastic bank note in 1988 in Australia.

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The latest experiments to form vesicles through aggregation of amphiphilic molecules are summarized by U. J. Meierhenrich et al. in their Review on page 3738 ff. They describe a scenario for the origin of primitive cells, focusing on the elongation of encapsulated nucleotides.

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In their Communication on page 3752 ff., R. Clérac, C. Mathonière, S. M. Holmes et al. describe how magnetic and optical bistability occurs in a tetranuclear cyanometalate {Fe2Co2} complex. The behavior results from intramolecular electron transfer.