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49_26/2010Cover Picture: High-Yielding Tandem Hydroformylation/Hydrogenation of a Terminal Olefin to Produce a Linear Alcohol Using a Rh/Ru Dual Catalyst System (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 26/2010)

A volleyball is hit from the academic to the industrial side of the net and symbolizes the potential utility of a new dual catalyst system—a combination of xantphos/[Rh(acac)(CO)2] and Shvo's catalyst—in both fields. In their Communication on page 4488 ff. K. Nozaki et al. describe the highly efficient production of n-undecanol using syngas and this catalytic system. The one-pot process involves hydroformylation catalyzed by rhodium and hydrogenation catalyzed by ruthenium.

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Nobel Lecture The 2009 Nobel Prize was awarded for investigations into the structure and function of the ribosome. The progress of these developments is reported first hand by the Laureates, A. Yonath, V. Ramakrishnan, and T. A. Steitz, in their Review beginning on page 4340 ff.for001

Vibrational Spectroscopy In their Communication on page 4400 ff., W. R. Scheidt and co-workers report an NRVS single-crystal study that has provided detailed information on the in-plane mode of nitrosyl iron porphyrinate [Fe(oep)(NO)].for002

Real or Not? This question can be answered by S. Zhang et al. who have studied the seal patterns on paintings and calligraphy by using a mass spectrometric technique that is described in their Communication on page 4435 ff.for003