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49_27/2010Cover Picture: Electrons as “Invisible Ink”: Fabrication of Nanostructures by Local Electron Beam Induced Activation of SiOx (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 27/2010)

Electrons as Invisible Ink A SiOx surface can be locally activated with a focused electron beam (1) such that subsequently dosed [Fe(CO)5] decomposes (2) and autocatalytically grows to pure Fe nanocrystals (3) at predefined positions until the precursor supply is stopped. In their Communication on page 4669 ff., H. Marbach et al. describe how the two-step process might be the starting point of a novel way to generate nanostructures (see the 3D representation of the SEM data in the background).

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Nanoporous Metal Foamsfor001

The controlled combustion of metal bistetrazolamine complexes offers a route to a wide variety of metal foams that have a nanoporous structure. The development of this area is documented by B. C. Tappan et al. in their Review on page 4544 ff.

C-O Bond Activationfor002

D. J. Shi et al. report in their Communication on page 4566 ff. on the first successful coupling reaction involving the direct application of naphtholates as electrophiles.


In their Communication on page 4571 ff., G. Whitesides et al. describe “infofuses”, which are systems for non-electronic communication consisting of a fast-burning nitrocellulose fuse and a slow-burning cotton fuse.