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49_31/2010Cover Picture: Nonhydrolytic Synthesis of Branched Alkoxysiloxane Oligomers Si[OSiH(OR)2]4 (R=Me, Et) (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 31/2010)

Discrete alkoxysiloxane oligomers were synthesized by nonhydrolytic heterocondensation reactions between alkoxysilanes and chlorosilanes. In their Communication on page 5273 ff., K. Kuroda and co-workers show that the combination of the Lewis acid catalyst bismuth trichloride and alkoxysilanes that can form stable carbocations play an important role in the formation of siloxane bonds prior to the occurrence of other competing side reactions. The photograph of bismuth metal was provided by Dr. Ryoji Tanaka.

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Gold Catalysis Much has been speculated about the mechanism of gold-catalyzed reactions, but little has been proven. In his Minireview on page 5232 ff., A. S. K. Hashmi considers definitively characterized intermediates in gold catalysis.for001

Theoretical Solid-State Chemistry Often, calculation is easier than experiment, and this is now true for determining thermochemical data. As R. Dronskowski and co-workers show in their Review on page 5242 ff., electronic structure theory calculations offer a route to a quantum thermochemistry of solids.for002

Long-Lived Radicals Many years after the observation of the first radical species, the elusive and fascinating benzene radical cation has been stabilized and observed by EPR spectroscopy at room temperature, as described by G. Pampaloni and co-workers in their Communication on page 5268 ff. for003