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49_35/2010Cover Picture: On the Reach of Chemical Synthesis: Creation of a Mini-Pipeline from an Academic Laboratory (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 35/2010)

Biologically active small molecules derived from natural sources, such as Panax ginseng plants and Streptomyces bacteria are shown in the title picture. In their Review on page 6032 ff., S. J. Danishefsky and R. M. Wilson demonstrate how chemical synthesis can be used to derive drug candidates from natural products.

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Carbon Dioxide Capturefor001

In their Review on page 6058 ff., J. R. Long et al. discuss recent developments in new materials and concepts for carbon dioxide separations, with particular attention on progress in the field of metal–organic frameworks.

Electron Microscopy of Surfacesfor002

MoVTeNbOx nanocatalysts enable the selective oxidation of propane to acrylic acid. In their Communication on page 6084 ff., D. Su et al. apply HR-TEM to get insight into the exact atomic arrangement of such catalyst surface layers.

Asymmetric Catalysisfor003

The first highly regio- and enantioselective bromoamination of chalcones is described by X. M. Feng et al. on page 6160 ff. The scandium-catalyzed reaction proceeds via an unusual bromonium ion and provides access to preparatively important chiral α-bromo-β-amino ketones.