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49_44/2010Cover Picture: Unprecedented Molecular Architectures by the Controlled Self-Assembly of a β-Peptide Foldamer (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 44/2010)

Windmill-shaped architectures and square rods were formed by the self-assembly of a short helical β peptide in aqueous solution. In their Communication on page 8232 ff., H.-S. Lee and co-workers show how the self-assembly of these exceptional 3D shapes and their intermediate states could be guided and controlled by the addition of a surfactant.

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Medicinal Chemistryfor001

Why do medicinal chemists choose the reactions they do? In their Minireview on page 8082 ff., T. W. J. Cooper et al. offer valuable insight into the drug-discovery process and describe attempts to expand the number of robust reactions available to medicinal chemists.

Hole in the Ozone Layerfor002

Twenty-five years ago, the phenomenon “ozone hole” was first discussed in the literature. Measurements confirmed unexpectedly low levels of ozone in the stratosphere at the south pole. In his Review on page 8092 ff., M. Dameris shows how this phenomenon is influenced by climate change.

Light-Responsive Particle Sizefor003

The size of supramolecular nanoparticles from dendrimeric macro-ions and light-responsive dye molecules can be varied by UV light. As F. Gröhn and I. Willerich describe in their Communication on page 8104 ff., the system can be switched by light and the pH value.