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50_21/2011Cover Picture: Integrated Synthetic Strategy for Higher Catechin Oligomers (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 21/2011)

The widespread occurrence of oligocatechins in plants has captured the interest of chemists because of their biological activities. In their Communication on page 4862 ff. K. Suzuki and co-workers describe the block synthesis of oligocatechins, an approach that enables extention of the oligomers through equimolar couplings of higher oligomeric units. (Cover picture by K. Ohmori.)

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Also of Interest

Chemical Biologyfor001

Caenorhabditis elegans serves as a popular model organism in almost all areas of modern biology. How chemists can make use of this worm to study, for example, the effects of chemicals in living systems, is shown by G. M. Whitesides and S. E. Hulme in their Review on page 4774 ff.


In their Communication on page 4844 ff. L. Cronin, H. Oshio, and co-workers present two iron/cobalt mixed-valence clusters that were synthesized using multidentate polypyridyl ligands—a heptanuclear helix and a [3×3] grid complex.

Methane Activationfor003

The [CuO]+ ion, long predicted to convert methane to methanol, has now been generated in the gas phase. In their Communication on page 4966 ff., H. Schwarz et al. describe the reactivity of this last 3d metal oxide to be characterized.