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50_34i/2011Inside Cover: Highly Enantioselective α Alkylation of Aldehydes with 1,3-Benzodithiolylium Tetrafluoroborate: A Formal Organocatalytic α Alkylation of Aldehydes by the Carbenium Ion (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 34/2011)

An organocatalytic highly stereoselective addition of benzodithiolylium tetrafluoroborate to aldehydes tolerates a large range of functional groups. As P. G. Cozzi and co-workers report in the Communication on page 7842 ff., the reaction occurs through the formation of a key enamine intermediate in the presence of the MacMillan catalyst. The stability of the carbenium ion and the high nucleophilicity of the enamine, illustrated by their presumed value on the Mayr scale, enable the reaction to take place even in the presence of water.

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