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50_42/2011Cover Picture: Bond Activation with an Apparently Benign Ethynyl Dithiocarbamate Ar-C≡C-S-C(S)NR2 (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 42/2011)

A hedgehog molecule activates a variety of bonds. In their Communication on page 9923 ff., G. Bertrand et al. report that an ethynyl dithiocarbamate molecule, Ar-C≡C-S-C(S)NR2 (hedgehog on the bottom left), is able to cleave a broad range of enthalpically strong σ bonds. The bond activation process involves either the existence of an equilibrium with the nonobservable cyclic mesoionic carbene isomer or the cooperation of the nucleophilic carbon–carbon triple bond and the electrophilic CS carbon atom, both leading to cyclic products (hedgehogs in the wheel).

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C-H Functionalizationfor001

Deprotonation of (hetero)aromatic compounds can be achieved with LiCl-solubilized metal amide bases. The resulting metalated intermediates can be functionalized by reactions with electrophiles, as reported by P. Knochel et al. in their Review on page 9794 ff.

Chemical Logic Gatesfor002

Two independently working AND molecular logic gates can be connected by click chemistry to form an integrated logic gate, as described by E. U. Akkaya et al. in their Communication on page 9826 ff. Such gates respond exactly as predicted from the integration scheme.

Natural Productsfor003

In their Communication on page 9871 ff., H. Kigoshi et al. report the synthesis of an aplyronine A derivative that shows potent cytotoxicity and causes actin disassembly in tumor cells.