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50_43/2011Cover Picture: CO Oxidation as a Prototypical Reaction for Heterogeneous Processes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 43/2011)

CO oxidation is a classic model reaction in heterogeneous catalysis, as demonstrated by H.-J. Freund et al. in their Review on page 10 064 ff. The cover picture shows the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin-Dahlem, which has a long tradition of research into heterogeneous reactions. In addition to Fritz Haber (top) six other Nobel Laureates have held positions there: Max von Laue, James Franck, Heinrich Wieland, Eugene Wigner, Ernst Ruska, and Gerhard Ertl.

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Also of Interest

Nanoparticle Catalysisfor001

Alloy Au-Pt nanoparticles on Mg(OH)2 supports show high activity in the selective oxidation of polyols using molecular oxygen as the oxidizing agent. G. Hutchings et al. described in their Communication on page 10 136 ff. the detail of the reaction which occurs without the addition of a base.

Heterogeneous Catalysisfor002

X-ray diffraction computed tomography (XRD-CT) enables imaging of the interiors of solid bodies. In their Communication on page 10 148 ff., S. D. M. Jacques et al. use time-resolved XRD-CT to examine how an industrial catalyst evolves from its precursor.

Reaction Mechanismsfor003

In their Communication on page 10 246 ff. A. Brückner et al. employ three in-situ spectroscopic methods to study the iridium- and iron-catalyzed reduction of water and describe a two-cycle mechanism.