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Editor: Peter Gölitz, Deputy Editors: Neville Compton, Haymo Ross

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Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie, Chemistry - A European Journal, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, ChemistryOpen, ChemPhotoChem, ChemPlusChem, Zeitschrift für Chemie

50_44/2011Cover Picture: Synthesis and Reactions of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Boranes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 44/2011)

Like the suguaro cactus the chemistry of carbene boranes sprouted from barren ground and grew slowly for several decades. The rains came in 2008, and now the various branches of the field are all blossoming. In their Review on page 10 294 ff. D. P. Curran and co-workers discuss the synthesis, application, and characterization of N-heterocyclic carbene-borane complexes. Unusual boron species are stabilized by carbenes, and carbene boranes themselves are reagents for organic synthesis and co-initiators for radical photopolymerization. The cover was created by Dr. Julien Monot and Mr. Andrey Solovyev.

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Also of Interest


M. Fujita and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 10 318 ff. the self-assembly of a sphere-in-sphere complex. Two covalently tethered ligands enforce structural subdivisions that ensure formation of the complex with high fidelity.

Inorganic “Cells”for002

Highly modular inorganic chemical “cells” with controllable functionality and porosity that allow the compartmentalization of chemical reactions are described by L. Cronin and co-workers in their Communication on page 10 373 ff.

Computer-Supported Enzymologyfor003

The stereospecific synthesis of fluorocitrate by the enzyme citrate synthase is explained by A. J. Mulholland et al. in their Communication on page 10 349 ff. through the use of ab initio calculations.