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50_46/2011Cover Picture: Achieving Secondary Structural Resolution in Kinetic Measurements of Protein Folding: A Case Study of the Folding Mechanism of Trp-cage (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 46/2011)

The folding dynamics of individual structural elements in proteins is studied by a multi-probe and multi-frequency approach. In their Communication on page 10 884 ff., M. R. Bunagan, F. Gai, and co-workers achieve a significantly improved structural resolution in kinetic studies of protein folding using their approach. Application of this approach to the miniprotein Trp-cage provides new insights into the folding mechanism of this extensively studied protein.

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Biology-Oriented Synthesisfor001

The chemical structure space is vast and cannot be investigated fully by the synthesis of compounds. H. Waldmann and co-workers describe in their Review on page 10 800 ff. methods that can identify and map the biologically relevant part of the chemical structure.


In their Communication on page 10 828 ff., A. Cervellino, A. Guagliardi et al. describe a combined real- and reciprocal-space total scattering approach to give a picture of the amorphous/crystalline interplay in silica/titania hybrid materials.


In their Communication on page 10 973 ff., M. Nakamura et al. describe a highly ${{{\rm{{\rm C}}}_{{\rm{{\rm sp}}}^{\rm{3}} } }}$-selective coupling reaction of nonactivated alkyl halides with alkynyl Grignard reagents that uses an iron catalyst with a bisphosphine ligand.