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50_50/2011Cover Picture: Self-Assembled Capsules of Unprecedented Shapes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 50/2011)

The self-assembly of banana- and S-shaped structures consisting of nine and eleven subunits, respectively, is reported in the Communication by J. Rebek, Jr. and co-workers on page 12003 ff. Characterization of the bent structures by NMR spectroscopic methods and shape-selective encapsulation experiments showed that the banana-shaped molecular capsule could encapsulate a complementary shaped guest that is not encapsulated in the known cylindrical capsules.

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Also of Interest

Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesisfor001

C.-H. Wong et al. describe in their Review on page 11872 ff. methods for the automated synthesis of carbohydrates. Of particular interest is the design of carbohydrate microarrays and their application to the development of vaccines based on carbohydrates.

Nanoparticle Hybridsfor002

Inorganic nanomaterials coated with proteins often show improved physical properties. In their Communication on page 11924 ff., K. K. Kim et al. combine the enzymatic activity of a protein shell with the catalytic activity of platinum nanoparticles for multistep organic synthesis.

Synthetic Methodsfor003

The (4+3) cycloaddition of simple furfuryl alcohols and dienes is described by J. M. Winne et al. in their Communication on page 11990 ff. This novel Lewis acid promoted process gives access to various polycyclic compounds containing seven-membered rings.