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50_52b/2011Back Cover: A Stable Cation of a CSi3P Five-Membered Ring with a Weakly Coordinating Chloride Anion (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 52/2011)

Reaching for the stars Although the cyclopentadienyl cation is still synthetically out of reach, the isoelectronic replacement of most of the carbon atoms by elements from the lithosphere, such as silicon and phosphorus, makes a heavier congener accessible. In their Communication on page 12 510 ff., H. W. Roesky, M. Scheer, D. Stalke, and co-workers show how the anti-aromatic five-membered CSi3P ring is stabilized. Picture of planet Earth courtesy of NASA, 1972 (Image ID: AS17-148-22727) and picture of Globular Cluster Messier 15 courtesy of ESA/Hubble and NASA, 2011.

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