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51_10/2012Cover Picture: Toward Wearable Sensors: Fluorescent Attoreactor Mats as Optically Encoded Cross-Reactive Sensor Arrays (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 10/2012)

Fluorescent probes have been synthesized on a zeptomole (10-21 mol) scale by overlaying polymer nanofibers that are doped with nonfluorescent probe precursors. In their Communication on page 2345 ff., P. Anzenbacher, Jr. et al. show that the nanoscopic fiber junctions generate the fluorescent probes in situ, and that multiple fibers, each loaded with a different reagent, can be used to form a multiprobe sensor array that is capable of recognizing heavy-metal ions.

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Catenated Silicon Cagesfor001

In their Communication on page 2340 ff., T. Iwamoto et al. report the synthesis of persila[n]staffanes (n=1, 2, and 3), which show a red-shift of the UV/Vis absorption bands as the number of silicon cages is increased.


X. Zhang, W. Tan, and co-workers report a DNA walking device by incorporating photosensitive moieties within DNA enzyme analogue structures in their Communication on page 2457 ff.

Nanocrystal Growthfor003

In their Communication on page 2354 ff., Y. Xia and co-workers show how to shape-selectively grow bimetallic palladium–silver nanocrystals. By limiting the supply of silver atoms growth occurs on only one, or a few, faces of a palladium seed.