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51_11/2012Cover Picture: Hydrogenolysis Goes Bio: From Carbohydrates and Sugar Alcohols to Platform Chemicals (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 11/2012)

The hydrogenolysis of renewable feedstocks has the potential to become a bridging technology between the petrochemical industry and future biorefinery concepts. In their Review on page 2564 ff., R. Palkovits et al. highlight developments in this field, with a focus on catalysts for the transformation of mono- and polysaccharides. Various concepts applied in the utilization of glycerol and sugars provide valuable information for the efficient transformation of biopolymers.

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Smart Materialsfor001

S. Jiang and co-workers report in their Communication on page 2602 ff. a polymer surface with reversibly switchable states, a cationic and a zwitterionic state, that kills bacteria under dry or releases bacteria under wet conditions.

Ionic Liquidsfor002

In their Communication on page 2610 ff., H.-P. Steinrück et al. monitor the nucleophilic substitution of reagents that are attached to ionic liquids by in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

Multinuclear Structuresfor003

Anderson-type molecular wheels feature six skew-edge-shared octahedra. In their Communication on page 2614 ff., C. M. Che and co-workers show how these wheels can bind Cu+ or Ag+ ions or be expanded to octanuclear congeners.