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51_19/2012Cover Picture: Liquid-Phase Deposition of Freestanding Copper Foils and Supported Copper Thin Films and Their Structuring into Conducting Line Patterns (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 19/2012)

The liquid-phase preparation of copper, either as freestanding submicrometer-thin foil or supported on a substrate, is presented by M. Niederberger et al. in their Communication on page 4743 ff. A solution of copper acetylacetonate initially forms a mirror on the reaction container wall, which then delaminates. When the copper is supported on a flexible substrate, such as Kapton, it can be structured into conduction line patterns.

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In their Communication on page 4562 ff., P. J. Skabara, I. D. W. Samuel, and co-workers describe the self-assembly of a cruciform oligothiophene. When incorporated in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells, these structures give high short-circuit currents.

Organic Pigmentsfor002

The color of Pigment Red 57:1 depends on the hydration state and the coordination of water molecules. M. U. Schmidt et al. describe the powder diffraction results in their Communication on page 4735 ff.

Single-Cell Analysisfor003

In their Communication on page 4618 ff., D. T. Chiu et al. report an approach called ensemble-decision aliquot ranking (eDAR) for isolating rare cells from peripheral blood.