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51_20/2012Cover Picture: Circular Dichroism in the Photoelectron Angular Distributions of Camphor and Fenchone from Multiphoton Ionization with Femtosecond Laser Pulses (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 20/2012)

Mirror, mirror The ionization of chiral molecules with circularly polarized light creates an enhancement of the photoelectron angular distribution in the forward direction relative to the laser beam. The mirror-image distribution is obtained with the mirror-image enantiomer. The effect allows enantiomers to be distinguished in the gas phase. To date a synchrotron source was required, now as T. Baumert and co-workers show in their Communication on page 5001 ff., only a laser set-up is necessary.

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Also of Interest

Imaging Agentsfor001

A ratiometric pH-responsive biosensor that selectively labels proteins at the cell surface and reveals details of endocytosis is described by M. P. Bruchez and co-workers in their Communication on page 4838 ff.

Phosphaorganic Chemistryfor002

L. J. Higham et al. present in their Communication on page 4921 ff., highly fluorescent, air-stable primary phosphanes. These can be used to prepare tripodal phosphanes, which form rhenium complexes that retain a desirable photophysical profile.

Contact Electrificationfor003

In their Communication on page 4843 ff., B. A. Grzybowski et al. show that the outcome of contact electrification between dielectrics depends not only on the transfer of charge but also on the transfer of material.