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51_27/2012Cover Picture: Silicon Nanowires as Photoelectrodes for Carbon Dioxide Fixation (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 27/2012)

Photofixation of CO2 to produce synthetically valuable molecules can be achieved on a photoelectrode based on silicon nanowires. In their Communication on page 6709 ff., K. L. Tan, D. Wang et al. develop a strategy that uses aromatic ketones to receive the photogenerated electrons. The resulting radicals then react with carbon dioxide to afford α-hydroxy acids, which are precursors for the drugs ibuprofen and naproxen. In close resemblance to natural photosynthesis, their strategy gains reaction specificity by avoiding the direct reduction of CO2.

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Cell Imagingfor001

Aurora kinase A (AKA) plays a key role in mitosis. In their Communication on page 6598 ff., R. Weissleder and co-workers show how AKA can be imaged in live cells using an florescent reporter and an AKA inhibitor.

Vitamin B12 A new facet in the chemistry of vitamin B12 has been discovered by B. Kräutler et al. On page 6780 ff., they report the efficient reductive ring closure of a secocorrinoid to reconstitute the macrocycle of vitamin B12.for002

Hybrid Materialsfor003

In their Communication on page 6608 ff., F. Kleitz, T.-O. Do, and co-workers present the synthesis of uniform titanate nanodisks that can be used as building blocks for a variety of hybrid nanostructures.