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51_33/2012Cover Picture: Spectroscopic Observation of a Group 12 Oxyfluoride: A Matrix-Isolation and Quantum-Chemical Investigation of Mercury Oxyfluorides (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 33/2012)

Mercury amalgam dental fillingsprovide a source for laser-ablated mercury atoms as reaction partners with OF2 to produce mercury difluoride and two major oxyfluorides, as shown by S. Riedel et al. in their Communication on page 8235 ff. Assignments for OHgF and FOHgF trapped in solid neon and argon in the IR spectrum were supported by calculations. Unpaired electron spin resides on oxygen in OHgF, with mercury in the +II oxidation state.

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Asymmetric Catalysisfor001

In their Communication on page 8212 ff., A. Baiker et al. present the first in situ spectroscopic evidence for the role of the C9-OH group of cinchona alkaloids in forming an enantiodifferentiating complex between cinchonidine and ketopantolactone.


L. Schröder et al. present an encoding method with 129Xe hyperpolarization in cryptophane cages for snapshot imaging with high spectral selectivity in their Communication on page 8217 ff.

Solid-Phase Synthesisfor003

In their Communication on page 8299 ff., C. Richert et al. describe the development of protected monomers and solid supports for chemical primer extension in both 3'- and 5'-direction with reversible termination.