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51_37/2012Cover Picture: Solution-Phase and Magnetic Approach towards Understanding Iron Gall Ink-like Nanoassemblies (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 37/2012)

Compounds related to iron gall inks namely iron complexes of pyrogallol[4]arenes, have been structurally elucidated by J. L. Atwood and co-workers by using a combination of solid-state magnetic and in situ neutron scattering methods, as reported in the Communication on page 9263 ff. The cover picture highlights the degradation of an ancient manuscript inscribed with iron gall inks composed of iron complexes of polyphenolic tannic acids, possibly gallic acid or pyrogallols.

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Crystal Engineeringfor001

In their Communication on page 9258 ff., P. Sozzani et al. take advantage of the nanochannels within dipeptide crystals for stereoselective polymerization triggered by gamma rays. These crystalline nanomolds are easily removed by dissolution in aqueous solution leaving pure, uniform polymers.

Water Splittingfor002

E. Reisner and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 9381 ff. how a cobalt catalyst that evolves H2 electro- and photocatalytically under the highly demanding conditions of pH-neutral water and atmospheric O2.

Gold Nanoparticlesfor003

In their Communication on page 9272 ff., F. Porta, D. Prosperi et al. describe the use of a small variant of protein A as a biotemplate for a one-step synthesis and biofunctionalization of gold nanoparticles.