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Editor: Peter Gölitz, Deputy Editors: Neville Compton, Haymo Ross

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52_05i/2013Inside Cover: IR Spectrum and Structure of a Protonated Disilane: Probing the Si-H-Si Proton Bridge (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 5/2013)

The IR spectrum of Si2H7+ provides the first spectroscopic characterization of the geometric and electronic structure of this polysilane cation. In their Communication on page 1568 ff., O. Dopfer et al. give direct evidence for a nonlinear Si-H-Si proton bridge with a three-center two-electron bond. The IR fingerprint may be used for its identification in silane plasmas, including the interstellar medium (copyright ESO/F. Meynadier, M. Heydari-Malayerie, N. R. Walborn).

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