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52_09/2013Cover Picture: A Hydrogen-Bond Flip-Flop through a Bjerrum-Type Defect (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 9/2013)

Hydrogen bonds can dynamically reverse their direction by means of an ultrafast flip-flop motion of the donor and acceptor moieties engaged in the noncovalent contact. In their Communication on page 2602 ff., P. Vöhringer and co-workers describe an application of femtosecond two-dimensional infrared exchange spectroscopy (2DIR-EXSY) in which these elementary dynamics are observed in the time domain of a simple model system, a vicinal diol.

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Also of Interest

Mass Spectrometryfor001

In their Communication on page 2426 ff., T. Solouki and B. Zekavat describe a new ionization technique using radio-frequency signals for the mass spectrometric analysis of volatile and semivolatile organic molecules.


CO2 electroreduction on copper is described by M. J. Janik, A. Asthagiri, and co-workers in their Communication on page 2459 ff. DFT calculations of the activation barriers of elementary steps reveal a new path that leads to methane and ethylene.

Protein Manipulationfor003

T. Muraoka, K. Kinbara, and co-workers report in their Communication on page 2430 ff. that a triangular PEG analogue has a lower dehydration temperature than the corresponding linear PEGs, and suppresses protein thermal aggregation with high efficiency.