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53_11b/2014Back Cover: Polynuclear SmIII Polyamidoamine-Based Dendrimer: A Single Probe for Combined Visible and Near-Infrared Live-Cell Imaging (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 11/2014)

Two types of emission under a single excitation wavelength are found for a polynuclear SmIII polyamidoamine-based dendrimer. S. V. Eliseeva, S. Petoud et al. show in their Communication on page 2927 ff. that it emits in the visible and in the near-infrared ranges. The dendrimer proved to be non-cytotoxic, able to be taken up by cells, and capable of performing interchangeably in the visible or near-infrared domains in a proof-of-principle live cell imaging experiment.

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