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March 08, 2004

Reviews 2003: Competition Results

Reviews 2003: Competition ResultsThe Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society) has surveyed four chemistry departments in Germany, chosen at random, and 40 German corresponding authors in Angewandte Chemie to determine which Reviews in this journal in 2003 "were best able to offer a prospective chemist a competent, up-to-date, and comprehensive overview of a relevant area of chemistry". The top Reviews based on this survey were printed in a special issue for the Congress of Junior Chemistry Lecturers, together with the 2003 Nobel Lectures by K. Wüthrich, K. Tanaka, and J. B. Fenn on the structural elucidation of large biomolecules by NMR and mass spectrometry. The approximately 350-page issue is to be made available to student members of the GDCh, but will also be used elsewhere for the advertisement of chemistry.

The Reviews that received the most votes were those by Meyer, Castellano, and Diederich (interactions in molecular recognition processes, issue 11), Schrock and Hoveyda (Mo and W olefin-metathesis catalysts, issue 38), Hubbard and Walsh (vancomycin biosynthesis, issue 7), and—perhaps surprisingly—Evers, Staudigl, and co-workers on the preparation of single crystals of silicon and how the method that is still used today came about by chance (issue 46). Next came the Reviews by Copéret, Basset, and co-workers (organometallic chemistry on surfaces, issue 2), Connon and Blechert (olefin cross-metathesis, issue 17), Chen (mass spectrometry and the screening of homogeneous catalysts, issue 25), Fürstner (chemistry and biology of roseophilin and "bleeding hosts", issue 31), Hoffmann (meso compounds, issue 10), and Limberg (radicals in metal-assisted oxygenations, issue 48).

More information is to be found in the editorials by editor-in-chief Peter Gölitz and GDCh president Henning Hopf (in German).


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