Starch - Stärke

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Editor in Chief: Christine Mayer, Deputy Editor: Julia Reuter

Impact Factor: 1.837

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 53/130 (Food Science & Technology)

Online ISSN: 1521-379X

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  1. Physicochemical studies of taro starch chemically modified by acetylation, phosphorylation, and succinylation

    Alexandra Rincon-Aguirre, Sandra O. Mendoza-Diaz, Alicia del Real and Mario E. Rodriguez Garcia

    Accepted manuscript online: 18 NOV 2017 06:55AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/star.201700066

  2. Effect of drying processes on the fine structure of A-, B-, and C-type starches

    Zhengjun Xie, Jingjing Guan, Long Chen, Zhengyu Jin and Yaoqi Tian

    Accepted manuscript online: 18 NOV 2017 06:50AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/star.201700218

  3. Cloning and characterization of a novel thermophilic amylopullulanase with a type I pullulanase structure from Anoxybacillus sp. WB42

    Jianfeng Wang, Zhongmei Liu and Zhemin Zhou

    Accepted manuscript online: 17 NOV 2017 10:25AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/star.201700265

  4. Green development of biodegradable films based on native yam (Dioscoreaceae) starch mixtures

    Polyanna Silveira Hornung, Suelen Ávila, Kabo Masisi, Lovemore Nkhata Malunga, Marcelo Lazzarotto, Egon Schnitzler, Rosemary Hoffmann Ribani and Trust Beta

    Accepted manuscript online: 17 NOV 2017 10:25AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/star.201700234

  5. Effects of Shear and Heat Milling Treatment on Thermal Properties and Molecular Structures of Rice Starch

    Seigo MURAKAMI, Naoko FUJITA, Yasunori NAKAMURA, Naoyoshi INOUCHI, Naoko F. OITOME, Tomonori KODA and Akihiro NISHIOKA

    Accepted manuscript online: 16 NOV 2017 11:36AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/star.201700164