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Editor: Stefan Hildebrandt

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Associated Title(s): physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, Advanced Materials, Laser & Photonics Reviews

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Many-Body Localization
Guest Editors: Jens H. Bardarson, Frank Pollmann, Ulrich Schneider, Shivaji Sondhi

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Science and Technology of Graphene
-on invitation only-
Guest Editor: Thomas Seyller

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-- Particle Physics after the Higgs
Guest Editors: A. Caldwell, H. Abramowicz, B. Foster

-- Complex quantum systems
Guest Editors: Andreas Buchleitner, Irene Burghardt, Ian A. Walmsley and Hanns-Christoph Naegerl

-- Quantum and Hybrid Mechanical Systems - From Fundamentals to Applications
Guest Editors: Jack Harris, Peter Rabl, Albert Schliesser

-- Two-dimensional Materials: Electronic Structure and Many-Body Effects
Guest Editors: Francisco Guinea, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, Tim O. Wehling

-- The Accelerating Universe
Guest Editors: Richard Battye, Ariel Goobar, Jochen Weller

-- Quantum Simulation
Guest Editors: R. Blatt, I. Bloch, I. Cirac, P. Zoller

-- Precision Experiments and Fundamental Physics at Low Energies - Part II
Guest Editors: K. Blaum, H. Müller, N. Severijns

-- Precision Experiments and Fundamental Physics at Low Energies - Part I
Guest Editors: K. Blaum, H. Müller, N. Severijns

-- Ultrafast Phenomena on the Nanoscale
Guest Editors: P. Hommelhoff, M. Kling, M. Stockman

-- Plasmonic Sensors
Guest Editors: S. Maier, M. Käll?, L. Manna

-- Dark Matter
Guest Editors: V. Springel, M. Bartelmann

-- Quantum Dynamics of Nano-Structured Systems
Guest Editors: G. Schön, C. Schuster, P. Schwab

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The basic physics of the binary black hole merger GW150914
LIGO Scientific and VIRGO Collaborations

On decoherence in quantum gravity
Dmitriy Podolskiy and Robert Lanza

Editor's Choice

Growth and decay of a two-dimensional oxide quasicrystal: High-temperature in situ microscopy
Stefan Förster, Jan Ingo Flege, Eva Maria Zollner, Florian Otto Schumann, Rene Hammer, Alireza Bayat, Karl-Michael Schindler, Jens Falta and Wolf Widdra

High-temperature study of superconducting hydrogen and deuterium sulfide
A.P. Durajski, R. Szczȩśniak and L. Pietronero

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Discovery of atmospheric neutrino oscillations
by Takaaki Kajita
Takaaki Kajita
Takaaki Kajita, Tokyo, Japan

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory: Observation of flavor change for solar neutrinos
by Arthur B. McDonald
Arthur McDonald
Arthur B. McDonaldi, Sydney, Canada

Fascinating journeys into blue light
by Isamu Akasaki
Isamu Akasaki
Isamu Akasaki, Nagoya, Japan

Growth of GaN on sapphire via low-temperature deposited buffer layer and realization of p-type GaN by Mg doping followed by low-energy electron beam irradiation
by Hiroshi Amano
Hiroshi Amano
Hiroshi Amano, Nagoya, Japan

Background story of the invention of efficient blue InGaN light emitting diodes
by Shuji Nakamura
Shuji Nakamura
Shuji Nakamura, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

The BEH mechanism and its scalar boson
by François Englert
François Englert
François Englert, Bruxelles, Belgium

Evading the Goldstone theorem
by Peter W. Higgs
Peter W. Higgs
Peter W. Higgs, Edinburgh, UK

Controlling photons in a box and exploring the quantum to classical boundary
by Serge Haroche
Serge Haroche
Serge Haroche, Paris, France

Superposition, entanglement, and raising Schroeodinger’s cat
by David J. Wineland
David J. Wineland
David J. Wineland, Boulder, CO, USA


Protein folding – simplicity in complexity
by Milo M. Lin and Ahmed H. Zewail
Ahmed Zewail
Ahmed Zewail, Pasadena, CA, USA

Dynamical mean-field theory for correlated electrons
by D. Vollhardt
Dieter Vollhardt
Dieter Vollhardt, Augsburg, Germany