Annalen der Physik

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Editor: Stefan Hildebrandt (Editor-in-Chief)

Impact Factor: 3.039

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 13/79 (Physics Multidisciplinary)

Online ISSN: 1521-3889

Associated Title(s): physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, Advanced Materials, Laser & Photonics Reviews

WELCOME to the new Annalen der Physik (AdP)

Starting from January 2012, AdP will present a new content, a new editorial team, and a modern layout.

What's new?

The new international Annalen der Physik aims at:

  • publishing first class physics articles from fundamental questions to applied physics
  • attracting young and innovative minds.
  • informing readers about the frontiers of modern physics.
  • covering physics from China to Germany, from Oxford to MIT.

How is it done?

AdP will present:

  • New content: best fundamental physics, top applied physics and hot topics.
  • New, selected topics: special issues on things that matter.
  • New team: Editor-in-Chief Guido W. Fuchs, supported by a new, high-ranking Advisory Board
  • New sections: Rapid Research Letters, brief historical essays Then & Now, and a Journal Club.
  • New layout: new front cover, new article layout, new everything.

Advisory Board - Who is in?

B. Allen, Hannover, Germany
D. D. Awschalom, Santa Barbara, USA
C. W. J. Beenakker, Leiden, The Netherlands
K. Blaum, Heidelberg, Germany
I. Bloch, Munich, Germany
C. Bruder, Basel, Switzerland
A. Caldwell, Munich, Germany
F. Capasso, Cambridge, USA
I. Cirac, Garching, Germany
G. Dvali, Munich, Germany
R. Fazio, Pisa, Italy
R. Frésard, Caen, France
N. Gisin, Genève, Switzerland
T. Hänsch, Munich, Germany
S. Hell, Göttingen, Germany
A. Imamoglu, Zurich, Switzerland
C. Kiefer, Cologne, Germany
P. Kim, New York, USA
J. Mannhart, Stuttgart, Germany
M. Orrit, Leiden, The Netherlands
G. Schön, Karlsruhe, Germany
M. Schreiber, Chemnitz, Germany
Y. Tokura, Tokyo, Japan
V. Vedral, Oxford, UK
I. Walmsley, Oxford, UK
H. Zohm, Garching, Germany
P. Zoller, Innsbruck, Austria

Keeping the best

  • High quality standards: articles are subject to the highest level of scientific review; acceptance rate: 32%.
  • "Einstein" lectures: special section featuring contributions of today’s most distinguished minds.
  • Giants of the past and the present: more than 200 years of first-class publishing from Albert Einstein to Theodor Hänsch.
  • No page charges.


The journal covers the physics of:

  • Condensed Matter / Solid State / Materials.
  • Optics / Photonics / Quantum Information.
  • Cosmology / Gravitation / Relativity.
  • High Energy / Particles / Nuclear.
  • Atoms and Molecules / Plasma.
  • Biophysics / Biological and Medical Applications.
  • Geo / Climate / Environment.

To Authors

  • First class author service: fast peer-review, fast online publication guaranteed by a dedicated in-house Editorial Team.
  • We feature your work: Editor's Choice articles will be online open.
  • Let your article shine: A front cover picture will be a most memorable trophy!
  • Be among the first: The first two issues of 2012 will be open access at no charge!

How to participate?

  • Submit your article now! Mention in the cover letter: This manuscript is a Relaunch paper! Online submission via
  • Annalen der Physik will publish more review articles. If you have a review article suggestion, please use the proposal sheet [PDF] / [Word] and contact the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Annalen der Physik will publish more special issues on hot topics. If you want to be a guest editor of a special issue, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Make sure to see the sample issue in the new AdP layout. Download here.

Questions or suggestions?

You are welcome to contact us at


Annalen der Physik
Editor-in-Chief: Guido W. Fuchs


Sample Issue

AdP Sample Issue
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Advisory Board
To Authors
How to participate


Guido W. Fuchs

Annalen der Physik is more than a journal, it is an inspiration! As an author you can rely on individualized, unbiased, fair and fast publication. As editor I will count on your creativity and richness of ideas to make the journal grow even further!”
Guido W. Fuchs,
Editor-in-Chief AdP (2012)